The Birth of Venus - pendant


The Birth of Venus - pendant with green zircon

925 silver, 22 K gold plated

"Inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus (c.1484–86); goddess of love and beauty arriving on land, on the island of Cyprus, born of the sea spray and blown there by the winds, Zephyr and, perhaps, Aura.  The goddess is standing on a giant scallop shell, as pure and as perfect as a pearl. She is met by a young woman, who is sometimes identified as one of the Graces or as the Hora of spring, and who holds out a cloak covered in flowers. Even the roses, blown in by the wind are a reminder of spring."

Available as a full necklace (with chain); earrings or bracelet, too. 

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About personalised & solid gold EFEK jewellery

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